Teaching Evaluations by Students

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education; Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Outreach and Engagement

Key Contacts 

If you have questions, please contact CLAS Undergraduate Programs. 



Policy Purpose and Description  

All courses with their administrative home in CLAS use the ACE online forms. 

  • ACE online evaluation forms are required for any regularly scheduled course. 

  • Individual departments and instructors may not modify the ACE questions.  




CLAS students and instructors may access the forms through ICON (login, click on the Student tab at the top of the page, choose Course Evaluations, and then login to CollegeNet). 

Instructors do not need to have a course on ICON to use ICON to access the evaluation forms. ICON simply provides a login portal to the evaluation site and is available in this capacity whether the instructor uses ICON or not. 

After logging in through ICON, students and instructors will see the evaluation dashboard. Students will find their evaluations for all their UI courses using the online system listed on this one page. 

Instructors can access their course evaluation results around three days after grades are posted. While instructors can view the results of the evaluations, DEOs (or a delegate) may also review evaluation results, but generally these results are highly confidential. 

All results from course evaluations are accessible to the instructor if the instructor has a valid HawkID and password, providing easy access to these materials online. Evaluation results should also be downloaded and saved by the instructor or by the department. 



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