Grades: Undergraduate Reporting (Midterm and Final)

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

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If you have questions, please contact CLAS Undergraduate Programs. 



Policy Purpose and Description  

Midterm Grades 

All instructors are expected to submit a mid-term grade for students earning a course grade below a C-. In some departments, faculty are required to submit a mid-term grade even if the earned grade is above a D+; in other departments, this is optional. 

Final Semester Grades 

Final grades are reported to the DEO for review using MAUI. After the DEO approves each class list, the grades are recorded on the students permanent record and become available through the student’sMyUI account. 




Final grades must be submitted by instructors (via MAUI) at least 24 hours before the final deadline, providing time for the DEO to review the grades. 

All grade reports (including those for independent study and off-cycle courses) must be turned in by the deadline. 

Grades are essential to the evaluation of students for graduation, academic probation, or dismissal. 

If grade reports are late, instructors may be penalized by a delay in paycheck issuance following the delinquency. 

Specific deadlines may be found on the Registrars academic calendar. 



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