Onboarding Process for New Employees

CLAS Senior Director of Human Resources; University Human Resources
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Key Contacts 

If you have questions, please contact yourDepartmentHuman Resources Representative.  


All new employees to the University of Iowa should receive onboarding to the new department.

Policy Purpose and Description  

Onboarding is our process to welcome and support employees during their transition to a new position within the University of Iowa.




Hiring managers in collaboration with the departmentHuman Resources Representative will welcome and support the new employee by providing basic pre-employment knowledge of university processes and assist with information about specific transition needs.

Frequently Asked Questions  

How does my new employee learn about benefits?

An invitation for new faculty and staff orientation will be sent to benefit eligible new hires from University Human Resources.

What if my employee has questions I can’t answer?

Please reach out to your departmentHuman Resources Representative if there are additional questions.

Revision History 

Last updated 10/10/22