Departmental Reward and Recognition

CLAS Senior Director of Human Resources; Director, Business & Financial Administration

Key Contacts 

If you have questions, please contact your Department Human Resources Representative. 


All departments within CLAS must have a written employee recognition program that has been approved by the DEO, Departmental Administrator, Senior Director of Human Resources and the Director, Business & Financial Administration. 

Policy Purpose and Description  

To ensure an open, planned process to recognize the efforts of faculty, staff and students who support the UI and CLAS mission and accomplish departmental goals. By implementing the policy CLAS will: 

  • Foster a positive and more cohesive workplace culture. 

  • Increase teamwork on multiple levels of our workplace environment. 

  • Foster a positive attitude toward Departments, CLAS and the UI as the employer of choice. 

  • Enhance creativity and communication within Departments. 

  • Enhance collaboration between departmental units. 

  • Give all employees a chance to be rewarded and recognized for their work. 

The departmental recognition policy should be available to all faculty, staff and students (e.g. on a shared drive or posted centrally). 




Description of program/process: 

What variety of strategies will you include in your plan? 

  • Informal efforts: thank you notes (paper, email, online), newsletter inserts, etc. 

  • Formal efforts: innovation-based improvement, employee development awards, employee appreciation functions, years of service. 

Business purpose: 

A business purpose may be defined as an effort that is of primary benefit to the university and its mission. Examples of business purposes include: to recognize unit goal accomplishments, to celebrate the success of a major change initiative, to recognize improvement in processes and services, and general employee recognition and acknowledgement. 

Items to be purchased: 

List items such as food, beverages, flowers, plaques, etc. 

How will you maintain and improve your recognition program? How will your area keep the program current and vital? How will you evaluate the success of your department’s efforts? What outcomes occurred? What will be changed in the future? 


Departmental programs must be approved by the CLAS Senior Director of Human Resources and Director, Business & Financial Administration. The approved, final form will be housed in the Dean's office, with a signed copy sent back to the department.  

Recognition programs are to be reviewed annually. The College performs their review on a quarterly basis.  If changes are made, on the Departmental Employee Recognition Program Form indicate the date the document was written and submit the revised program to the Director, Business & Financial Administration's assistant to obtain approval signatures. 

If changes are not made, initial and date the current Departmental Employee Recognition Form and re-submit it to the Director, Business & Financial Administration's assistant. 


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