Teaching Release for Addition of a Minor Child

Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities; Associate Dean for the Natural, Mathematical, and Social Sciences; CLAS Director of Human Resources

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Regular faculty (tenure-track, clinical-track, instructional-track).

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To promote a diverse, inclusive, and family-friendly environment, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will provide a reduced course load for faculty members when a minor child is added to their family.  The goal is to allow the faculty member to have time to recover fully from the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions and/or to care for and bond with a new child in the first year following the addition of a minor child through birth, adoption, or guardianship. 

When a regular faculty member adds a minor child to their family (through birth, adoption, or guardianship) the faculty member’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences teaching load will be reduced either during the semester when the child enters the home or during the following semester, at the discretion of the faculty member.  If the faculty member’s annual course load is between two and five full courses, that course load will be reduced by one course.  If the faculty member’s annual course load is six or more full courses, the course load will be reduced by two courses. 

The faculty member will not be required to make up the course(s) during a different semester and will not be required to buy-out of the course(s).  The department is responsible for making appropriate arrangements to cover its teaching needs. 

If both parents to the child are in the same department, they are expected to take their course reductions in different semesters. 

A faculty member may utilize this course reduction once for the addition of each new minor child, for up to two new children.  For additional children the faculty member may request a course reduction at the discretion of the DEO and the Dean. 

The faculty member shall not be penalized for utilizing this course reduction during any evaluation process (annual, reappointment, promotion, or tenure review). 

If the faculty member takes full-time FMLA leave, or leave under the Iowa Civil Rights Act, of six weeks or more related to the child, then the course reduction must be taken during the same semester when FMLA leave is taken.  If the faculty member does not take full-time FMLA leave for at least six weeks, then the course reduction need not be taken concurrently with the FMLA leave.  All course reductions must be taken within one year after the arrival of the child.  This policy relieves the faculty member of teaching responsibility for the reduced course(s), but the faculty member is still expected to fulfill other professional responsibilities (research/service). 


FMLA: Family Medical Leave Act 


The faculty member must notify the DEO in writing of the expected date of the child’s arrival and their decision as to which semester they will take the course reduction.  Such notice should be provided no later than three months prior to the beginning of the semester in which the course reduction will be taken, unless the child’s arrival into the home occurs with less notice to the faculty member.   



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