Self-Review of Faculty Personnel Files

Associate Dean of Natural, Mathematical, and Social Sciences; Associate Dean for Arts and Humanities
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If you have questions, please contact your Department Human Resources Representative.


All faculty.

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The University recognizes the right of access by a faculty member to their own personnel files, whether in departmental, collegiate, central administrative, or any other University offices, based on the following provisions:

  • In order to view their personnel files, faculty members must provide a written request via e-mail to the HR Manager. The department is entitled to a period of five (5) business days to present the file. The written request will then be placed in the personnel file.
  • Faculty members may have access to items not written in an expectation of confidence (e.g., materials from administrators, deans, directors, and department heads).
  • Faculty members may have access to letters and other materials written in an expectation of confidence (e.g., materials from students, peers within the University, and outside evaluators) only after the means of identification have been removed, or if the author of the document has indicated so.
  • A Human Resources Representative or designee must be present when the faculty member reviews the file. The faculty member should not be left alone with their file and documents must not be removed from the file.
  • A private room should be made available in which to review the file.
  • The faculty member is entitled to have another person present during review of the file.
  • If the faculty member is requesting that an alternate person reviews their personnel file, written permission from the faculty member must be provided, as well as a written request for any copies to be made. These requests will then become part of the personnel file.
  • Management files are not part of the personnel file and are not subject to review by faculty members.



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