Grades: Reporting a Grade Change

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education; Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Outreach and Engagement

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If you have questions, please contact CLAS Undergraduate Programs. 



Policy Purpose and Description  

To correct an error in computing or in transcribing a grade or to change a grade for similar, justifiable reasons, the instructor must complete a grade change on MAUI. 

CLAS policy does not allow instructors to accept work from a student after grades have been submitted unless an "I" mark has been assigned. A student needing to complete work during a subsequent semester instead should be given an "I" mark if all other conditions for its assignment have been met. Instructors should tell students asking for an extension, who do not qualify for the "I" mark, that CLAS policy does not allow the extension of the semester for the sake of any one student. A student receiving a poor grade in a course should instead consider a second-grade-only option or should speak to the staff in Academic Programs and Student Development (120 Schaeffer Hall) about any other viable actions. 




To change a grade, log in to MAUI and use the "Grade Change: Instructor" link, submitting the grade change to the DEO. The DEO evaluates the circumstances and decides whether to approve the change. 

If the DEO approves the change, it is then routed to the CLAS Academic Programs & Student Development office if the student is an undergraduate or to the Graduate College if the student is a graduate student. 

Instructors should notify students in writing if the result of changing a grade is a lower grade. 



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