Performance/Exhibition Subvention

Association Dean for Research
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If you have questions, please contact the Dean's Office Operations Manager.


Open to full-time CLAS tenure-track or tenured faculty. Instructional track faculty may apply only if substantial creative activity is assigned as one of their primary job responsibilities.

Subvention requests must be submitted to CLAS prior to the performance/exhibition.

Policy Purpose and Description

Recognizing the fact that co-production and travel costs related to performances and exhibitions often fall at least partially on the shoulders of the artist, the Office of the Vice President for Research is providing funding to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for performance/exhibition subventions.

These funds will be prioritized toward major projects with broad reach, especially those involving audiences, participants, collaborators, and/or co-production partners outside of the University of Iowa. The maximum award will be $2,500 per event (where multiple faculty are participating, only one award will be made unless special permission is granted by the Associate Dean for Research). Cost sharing from the applicant’s department is encouraged, where applicable. Subventions will not be awarded to faculty who already have sufficient travel or production funds available through normal department allocations or in their contracted research support.

All funds should be spent by the end of the fiscal year in which the award is made.  


Subventionthe provision of assistance or financial support.


Submission to the college

The College requires that the faculty member submit a Workflow application form.  The DEO(s) must approve the application via Workflow and route to the Dean’s Office.



Frequently Asked Questions

How often may a performer/exhibitor apply for a performance/exhibition subvention?

To distribute limited funds equitably, we typically limit awards to one per faculty member each fiscal year. However, in some cases, we may consider an additional award should funds suffice. Each project may receive only one subvention. 

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