Old Gold Fellowships

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If you have questions, please contact the Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research.


Probationary (not yet tenured) tenure-track assistant and associate professors with nine-month appointments.

Policy Purpose and Description

Old Gold Summer Fellowships are provided as a developmental program for probationary tenure-track assistant and associate professors with nine-month appointments. The award must be taken during the first or second summer of a probationary tenure-track appointment at The University of Iowa. Details of eligibility are usually described in the faculty offer letter.

This award provides recipients with funding for summer work to carry out research activities, creative work, or instructional development. Each summer fellowship is expected to result in at least one project for publication, exhibit, performance, or instructional use, or a major grant application. Awards are fixed at $6,000, split in the following manner:

  • A salary stipend of $3,000 (from which taxes and fringe benefits will be deducted),
  • Tax-exempt funds of $3,000 that may be used to support, travel, equipment, or other research or instructional development needs.




The College requires that the faculty member submit a Workflow application form with a brief proposal for developmental activities during the fellowship period.  The DEO(s) must approve the application via Workflow and route to the Dean's Office. Applications are due the first Friday of December in each year.

Instructions for processing the summer appointment may be found on the Provost’s Old Gold Summer Fellowship page and Summer Compensation Guidelines pages.  

Within two months of the conclusion of the award period, the Old Gold Awardee must submit a brief report (1 page) complete with DEO signature to the Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research, briefly describing the activities and outcomes of the project.

Carry-Over of Funds

Carry-over of Old Gold Fellowship funds is not allowed. They must be fully spent in the year in which they are received. If they are not spent, they will be pulled back.


Workflow Form

Frequently Asked Questions  

Can the Research Funds portion of the award be used for traveling, such as conferences?

Yes, travel expenses, such as airfare, conference registration, hotel or other travel related expenses are allowable. If they will occur after the year-end deadline, they are also allowable as long as they are processed prior to the Accounting and Financial Reporting deadline dates to get them into the current fiscal year.

Can I purchase food with my Old Gold Fellowship funds?

No, food is not an allowable expense for these funds.

Can I process a scholarship on my fellowship funds?

No, these are not scholarships funds which must be processed through the MAUI system.

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