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If you have questions, please contact the Research Support Administrator.


Individuals submitting proposals for external funding.

Policy Purpose and Description

Please see Division of Sponsored Programs’ guidance on Cost-Sharing and Matching Funds.


Cost Sharing: The portion of the total project cost of a sponsored agreement that is contributed by the University and/or other non-federal sources but not reimbursed by the sponsor. It may include salaries, fringe benefits, general expenses, F&A (indirect) costs or third party contributions. If cost sharing (whether mandatory or voluntarily committed) is subsequently accepted by the sponsor as a condition of the award, the University must maintain accurate records to verify that these funds have been expended toward the project's objectives.

Faculty/Staff Contributed Cost Sharing: The value of faculty and/or staff effort that can be offered as a cost-sharing contribution, as long as this cost sharing occurs during the project period. This is shown as a percentage of the faculty and/or staff person’s appointment and should be approved by their supervisor. Faculty and staff effort contributions do not need to be approved by the Dean’s Office.

Mandatory Cost Sharing: Required by the sponsor as a condition of obtaining an award. The requirement for such cost participation is set forth in project announcements or guidelines issued by the sponsor.

Voluntary Committed Cost Sharing: The commitment by the University to participate in the cost of a project that is not required by the sponsor but which is included voluntarily in the University's proposal to the sponsor.

Voluntary Uncommitted Cost Sharing: Not covered by this statement and should not be recorded in the University's accounting system. It is defined as "staff and faculty effort that is over and above that which is committed and explicitly budgeted in a sponsored agreement".


To request cost-share or matching funds from CLAS, please contact the Associate Dean for Research by email at least four weeks prior to the proposal submission. In the email, please include the following information:

  1. A brief description (1-2 sentences) of the project
  2. Name of Sponsor
  3. Grant submission deadline
  4. Description of sponsor requirements for cost-sharing
  5. Description of your request from CLAS
  6. Draft budget

The Associate Dean for Research will review the request and follow up directly with the Principal Investigator. If the cost share request is approved, a letter documenting the commitment will be provided to the Principal Investigator.  CLAS cost share commitments should be documented on the UIRIS routing form and the letter of commitment provided by the Dean’s Office should be attached to the routing form.   

Please note that committed contributions of faculty and/or staff effort do not need to be approved by the Associate Dean for Research but should be documented on the UIRIS routing form.   

If you plan to also request cost share or matching funds from the Office of the Vice President for Research, please follow the guidance provided on the Division of Sponsored Programs website. This form will request documentation of CLAS’ contribution and will be routed through the Dean’s Office for approval.


CLAS does not have a form for cost-share requests. Please email the Associate Dean for Research with the information identified above.  

Office of the Vice President for Research Cost Sharing Request Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of support may be requested?

This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and any appropriate expense that will directly benefit the proposed project will be considered.

Are departments required to contribute?

In most cases, the department will be expected to contribute.

Do previous cost share commitments affect eligibility?

No. CLAS encourages grant submissions and will consider all cost share requests.

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