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If you have any questions, please contact the Senior Director of IT.


All CLAS departments.

Policy Purpose and Description

The CLAS Computer Replacement (CCR) program ensures that faculty and staff are working with modern computing technology that can be supported and managed according to OneIT standards and protocols. The OneIT standards and protocols are designed to take advantage of automated updates, software deployment and cybersecurity models.  

The CCR program can also help to provide a supply of warranty-expired, but still-usable systems, for reallocation to visiting faculty, teaching assistants, and graduate assistants.


Who is eligible for CCR?

  • State-funded regular faculty, tenured or tenure-track (.5 FTE minimum appointment)
  • State-funded instructional track faculty (multi-year contract)
  • State-funded regular P&S and merit staff (.5 FTE minimum appointment)

What is allocated? In order to take advantage of quantity discounts and to improve user support, the college will normally replace computers with a standard desktop or laptop configuration based on Board of Regents license negotiated contracts.  


  • Each year, local technology consultants receive a report from the CLAS Tech Inventory application. This is the definitive source for eligibility based on appointment, primary machine and expiration date.
  • The OneIT Consultant will share the list with the department DEO and Administrator for review and adjustment due to attrition, retirements or other factors.
  • CLAS Technology Services reviews the Board of Regents contracts to set the standards for desktops, laptops and other items such as headsets and docks.
  • OneIT Consultants communicate directly with eligible users to determine computing need and scheduling. Users are encouraged to accept the standard PC or Apple computers if they satisfy requirements.
  • Faculty and staff with unique requirements, may request a non-standard computer. This requires collaboration with the OneIT Consultant and a brief explanation of need. All non-standard requests will be reviewed by department administrators and the Director of CLAS Technology Services. Funding up to $1,000 may be allocated from the CCR program to support these needs. The user and department will be responsible for funding additional costs over $1,000.
  • Computer orders will be sourced by the local technology consultant, purchased through shared services and delivered to the Jessup Hall receiving center for pre-imaging prior to local deployment.



Frequently Asked Questions

I am a retiree or on phased retirement.  Am I eligible for CCR?

Users with a retirement status are typically not eligible for computer replacements.

My computer is malfunctioning and warranty repairs are not feasible due to interruption of work productivity. What do I do?

Your local technology consultant should be assisting you by finding a temporary replacement or escalating to the college for remediation.

Can I keep my old computer?

You are encouraged to return your old computer to your local technology consultant. Gently used computers are usually reallocated to support those not eligible for CCR. Having multiple computers for each person can exponentially increase the IT support load.   

Will my old computer at least be reallocated within my department?

In the majority of cases, your old machine will be reallocated at the discretion of your local technology support consultant.  Reallocations are need based across the college and are monitored by the cohort of OneIT technology consultants supporting the college.

Is CCR computer the same as my Faculty Startup computer?

Yes and no, the funding sources and programs are different.  Your startup computer will not necessarily be replaced one-for-one at the end of the warranty. You will be CCR eligible for a standard computer selection at the end of the warranty.  

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