Search Waiver Request Process

CLAS Human Resources; Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
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If you have questions, please contact yourDepartmentHuman Resources Representative. 


With appropriate justification, a waiver of the affirmative action search process may be granted for a faculty or professional and scientific (P&S) position. 

Policy Purpose and Description  

The University of Iowa’s search procedures for faculty and professional and scientific (P&S) positions are designed to meet all applicable federal and state laws and regulations and university policies regarding equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. Deviations from these procedures are therefore strongly discouraged. Exceptions to these procedures will be made only upon careful review by the office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity and the Compensation and Classification Unit of Human Resources. 




To request a waiver of the affirmative action search process for a faculty or professional & scientific position (P&S) the hiring department must complete the request for waiver form and submit a letter to the Senior Director of Human Resources. This letter must include: 

  • Justification of Waiver
  • Draft Offer Letter
  • Proposed Appointee's Current CV / Resume 
  • Position Requirements / Job Description (for Waiver of P&S Search Form)
  • Three Letters of Recommendation (for Waiver of Faculty Search Form)



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Related Information 

Please see the section "Making the Hiring Decision/Completing the Search and Selection Summary" in the Faculty/Staff Recruitment Manual for information on the following:

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  • Request for Waiver of P&S Search form
  • Request for Waiver of Faculty Search form

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