Phased Retirement

Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities; Associate Dean for the Natural, Mathematical, and Social Sciences; University Benefits

Key Contacts 

If you have questions, please contact your Department Human Resources Representative.  


Faculty and Staff

Policy Purpose and Description  

Please refer to: 

Provost Change of Status – Phased Retirement 






Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Who should I call if I have questions filling out the form? 

A: Contact your departmental HR representative for assistance.  

Q: How will my phased retirement affect my faculty review?

A: You will not have a required faculty review in the final year of phased retirement.

Q: Will my PTEA be adjusted while in phased retirement?

A: If necessary, the College in consultation with the department will determine whether suitable adjustments to the PTEA form should be made during the phased retirement period. 

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Revision History 

Subject to annual review, the UI Phased Retirement Program will expire on June 30, 2022, unless reviewed by the Board of Regents prior to expiration.