Employee Termination Process

CLAS Senior Director of Human Resources
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Key Contacts 

If you have questions, please contact your Department Human Resources Representative


All faculty and staff 

Policy Purpose and Description  

Departments report resignations, dismissals, and all absences without pay no later than the effective date thereof.




Termination information should be entered into Workflow as soon as notice is received, but no later than payroll cutoff for the month effective. 


Frequently Asked Questions  

Who completes the Termination Checklist?

This form is completed in partnership with Human Resources.  Once the supervisor has completed departmental tasks, the form can be forwarded to the local Human Resources Representative for any follow-up.

Who should I notify when an employee submits a resignation?

All resignations should be submitted to your Human Resources Representative to process the appropriate termination in workflow.  Supervisors should be notified if they were not notified directly by the employee.

Are faculty resignations handled differently?

A letter of resignation is requested from all faculty.  The resignation letter should be provided to your Human Resources Representative.

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