Death of Employee

CLAS Human Resources; University Human Resources
Amended Date

Key Contacts 

If you have questions, please contact yourDepartmentHuman Resources Representative. 


All merit, professional and scientific, and faculty positions.  

Policy Purpose and Description 

To provide guidance to departments when a death occurs. 




Upon notification of an employee death, please contact your department Human Resources Representative for further assistance.



Frequently Asked Questions  

Who should be notified within CLAS?

The respective Associate Dean and the Dean of CLAS should be notified as soon as possible.

Who should send out communication to the department?

Once all official notifications have been made, and the family has given permission, the department leader should send out a departmental email notification.  This email should provide information about who to contact for information about transitioning workload.

What steps should I take if the faculty death occurs on a “class day”?

If the death occurs on a “class day,” the department leader should provide information to faculty and staff about class coverages for that day and inform them that more information will be coming.  It is always acceptable to cancel class for a day to solidify plans. 

What can I do to help others navigate the loss?

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences encourage students to reach out to resources and          support systems on campus following the death of a fellow student or member of the community. For students or community members who would like to speak privately with University Counseling Services, students may call 319-335-7294 to arrange an appointment. The Faculty and Staff Services Employee Assistance Program is available for faculty and staff and can be reached at 319-335-2085.