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Graduate assistants.

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CLAS’s budget for teaching assistants is not sufficient to meet all recruiting or instructional needs departments may identify. CLAS places high priority on support of lab and discussion sections in faculty-taught courses; staffing of instructional labs, computer facilities, or studios where use of equipment must be supervised; and staffing 1000 and 200-level stand-alone courses in which enrollments of 25-35 have proven pedagogically ideal. CLAS also considers requests for teaching assistance for faculty-taught courses in which preparation, grading, and other instructional support is unusually time consuming. In awarding teaching assistantships, departments should keep in mind the college’s guidelines for uses of the TA allocation and the terms governing appointments found in the Graduate Assistant Employment Manual.

Departments may also consider whether undergraduate teaching interns can fulfill some of the functions listed above.

In the annual budget planning application, CLAS will allocate the departmental TA budget in the form of 1) an approved number of HTEs at the COGS minimum salary, and 2) a maximum number of tuition, fee, and fringe packages that can be attached to those HTEs or proportions of them. The departments are responsible for any amounts paid over COGS and for any tuition, fee, and fringe packages above the maximum number assigned.  


COGS: Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants Collective Bargaining Unit

HTE: Half-time Equivalent


Each fall departments are assigned a TA Allocation by the TA Allocation Committee led by the Associate Dean for Graduate Education. Allocations are made on the basis of the previous allocation, returns on that allocation, enrollment trends over the past three years, and any significant changes to the curriculum for which the department has argued the necessity of an increase in the allocation. Departments further may propose emergency revisions to the allocation at their annual budget meeting with members of the CLAS Leadership Team.  



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