Workflow Path Management

Director, Business & Financial Administration
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If you have any questions, please contact the CLAS Finance Assistant. 


DEOs, Administrators, Accountants, Research Support Managers, Human Resources Representatives

Policy Purpose and Description  

It is important for workflow paths to be as accurate and up to date as possible in order to ensure that the correct individuals in departments and at the College (Org/Dean) level are reviewing and approving the various finance and HR related forms.  

DEOs are required to review and approve all faculty forms as well as alcohol vouchers. Administrators must review and approve all forms. Accountants are required to review and approve all forms that have a financial component (i.e., an MFK tied to them). 

Any forms that have any IT items included in them, must go through a CLAS IT approval path (i.e. Vouchers, pCards, Requisitions). 

All departments are required to have a separate DEO workflow path established for Vouchers, pCards, TEVs, and Requisitions. Any DEO that has a spouse in the same department should also have a separate workflow path established for the spouse. They are not allowed to approve any forms for their spouse. 




Workflow paths are created for DEOs at the time changes are made in personnel. The Dean’s Office contacts CLAS Finance with the names of all new and/or interim DEOs along with the transition dates. The workflow administrator in CLAS Finance updates the workflow paths accordingly based upon the transition schedule. 

The workflow administrator in CLAS Finance receives notification when an Administrator, Accountant, HR Manager, or Grant Support person has been terminated. They will work with Human Resources and/or the affected department to determine the temporary replacement to transition the affected workflow path(s). Human resources and/or the department will notify the workflow administrator of the name of the new hire and their start date; workflow paths will be transitioned on that date. 

For all other personnel that departments require to have on workflow paths, it is the Administrators responsibility to contact the workflow administrator in CLAS Finance with the name of the person(s) terminating and the name of the replacement to which to transition the workflow paths. 



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