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Director, Business & Financial Administration
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If you have questions, please contact the CLAS Finance Assistant. 


DEOs, Administrators, Accountants, Research Support Managers, Human Resources Representatives

Policy Purpose and Description  

The University of Iowa is committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of institutional data is maintained at all times, and that institutional data is only accessed appropriately. Security and system access is granted to only a few individuals on a need to know basis for specific job-related purposes.  




Security and system access is granted for DEOs at the time changes are made in personnel. The Dean’s Office contacts CLAS Finance with the names of all new and/or interim DEOs along with the transition dates. The security administrator in CLAS Finance updates access accordingly based upon the transition schedule. An email is sent to the DEO, copying the Administrator, with additional security requirements that must be completed before access is finalized. 

The security administrator in CLAS Finance receives notification when an Administrator, Accountant, Human Resources or Grant Support person has been terminated. They will remove all access from that person upon the last day of employment. Human Resources and/or the department will notify the security administrator of the name of the new hire and their start date. Security and system access will be granted to the new employee on the start date. An email is sent to the new employee with additional security requirements that must be completed before access is finalized. 

For all other personnel that departments require to have system and/or security access, it is the Administrators or HR Managers responsibility to contact the security administrator in CLAS Finance with the name of the person requiring access, the level of system access and/or the name of the application to authorize security and the reason for such access. 



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