Moving Reimbursement for New Faculty & Staff

Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities; Associate Dean for the Natural, Mathematical, and Social Sciences

Key Contacts 

If you have questions, please contact the Manager, Accounting & Financial Analysis in the Finance Office.


New faculty and staff members (i.e. full-time faculty and institutional officials, professional and scientific and other full-time employees who are comparable in rank to assistant professor (P&S pay level 5) or above). 

Policy Purpose and Description  

Department heads (or designees) may authorize payment of reasonable moving and relocation expenses for new faculty and staff members as part of an offer of employment.  Moving expense reimbursements will be treated as wages and are subject to federal and state tax withholding.  Authorization for payment of moving expenses above $3,500 requires approval from the dean. If the dean signs the offer letter, that serves as approval. It is at the discretion of the department if they wish to gross up the payment by 30% to account for the anticipated payroll taxes. Please note, any gross up will be the responsibility of the department by use of UICA or non-general funds. 

Relocation expenses for full-time employees not defined above may be granted by specific approval of the appropriate dean/director or their designee.  Local moves (less than 50 miles) for current employees or employees new to the University are ineligible.  Relocation expenses should be determined with the new faculty or staff member during the hiring process and the amount must be included in the candidate’s accepted offer letter or amended offer letter (does not require signatures). 




Payments must be paid through the HR Transaction system as special compensation under the category of “Employment Agreement – Transition and Relocation”.  The offer letter is a required attachment to the transition and relocation payment request.  Payments may occur upon the first day of employment of a regular appointment or upon the first day of services related to a short term appointment which precedes and is related to a regular appointment.  Departments will reimburse actual expenses; it is up to the department to collect receipts, verify charges, and attach them to the payment form. CLAS will cover special compensation up to the committed amount, typically $1,000, plus the fringe associated with the commitment. 



Frequently Asked Questions  

What is the payment split between the College and the department? 

The College funds $1,000; the Department funds $2,000 under normal circumstances 

Related Information 

See also III-9 Hiring and Appointments; BRPM 2.1.4Q.  

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