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If you have questions, please contact your departmental accountant. 


All departments within CLAS must have a food policy on file in their shared drive that has been approved by the DEO, Departmental Administrator and the Director, Business & Financial Administration. 

Policy Purpose and Description  

This Policy is to expand upon why food and beverages are required at certain events and programs detailed in a departments Recognition Program and provide a detailed explanation of how funds will be used to pay for these items.  

Food or beverages shall be paid by unrestricted UICA or 240 funds. No alcoholic beverages may be purchased with University of Iowa GEF funds for students, faculty, or staff. All alcohol expenditures must be approved in advance by the Dean or Director, Business & Financial Administration. 

The departmental food & beverage policy should be available to all staff (e.g. on a shared drive or posted centrally).   




Description of event/program: 

What is the name of the event and a brief description of the purpose and when it will be held? 

  • Event(s) to include faculty and/or students, visitors, guest speakers (welcome picnics, recognition lunches, colloquiums, retirement receptions, etc.) 

Description of items to be purchased/provided: 

List food and beverage items that will be purchased for the event and note, where applicable, any possible alcoholic items that may be purchased for visiting speakers and how they will be purchased. Note: No alcoholic items shall be purchased for faculty, staff, or students on UI GEF funds. 

Number attending: 

Provide an approximate number of attendees to the event (i.e. based upon prior year attendance if a reoccurring or provide best estimate if new event). 

Cost per attendee: 

Provide a best cost estimate based upon prior year events if reoccurring or provide estimate if new event. 

Total cost: 

Provide a total cost estimate based upon the number attending and cost per attendee. 


Food & beverage policies are to be reviewed annually. If changes are made, on the Departmental Food & Beverage Policy Form indicate the date the document was written and submit the revised policy to the Dean's Office Administrative Services Coordinator to obtain approval signature. 

If changes are not made, initial and date the current Departmental Food & Beverage Policy Form and re-submit it to the Dean's Office Administrative Services Coordinator

For individual, one-time events that fall outside of a department's food policy, departments should email the Director, Business & Financial Administration and Dean for prior approval. 


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