CLAS Carryover of Non-General Education Fund Accounts

Director, Business & Financial Administration

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DEOs, Departmental Administrators, Research Administrators, Departmental Accountants

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Course/Lab Fee Accounts: Departments should review all course fee accounts to ensure that proper course-related expenses have been charged to the account. According to the Course Fee policy, course fee accounts may not be used to develop a general revenue source (cf. paragraph 2). If fees in excess of need are collected, the overage must be reimbursed, and the fee reduced or eliminated. Please provide the rationale for any surpluses or deficits in these accounts to the Director, Business & Financial Administration by First Close.

Income Generating Accounts: (Examples: Fund 240/260) To ensure that income is correctly reported, departments should review accounts to ensure that all appropriate expenses and revenues are charged to that account.

UICA Accounts: (Example: Fund 520) Departments should review accounts and process transfers from the UICA by June 15th. See CLAS policy on UICA Accounts.

Grant Accounts: (Example: Fund 500/510) Many times, the grant budget period does not coincide with fiscal year end. However, deficits should be reviewed, and departments should follow up with their contact in Grant Accounting.



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