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Director, Business & Financial Administration; Dean's Office Senior Director of Administration
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If you have questions, please contact the Dean’s Office.


Departments conducting conferences and/or workshops with fees attached.

Policy Purpose and Description

This policy is intended to have the Office of the Dean provide centralized assistance for conferences and workshops that departments offer, traditionally as part of a faculty members field of study or to fulfill a department/program/school academic mission. The goal is to provide assistance and support for conference and workshops that will involve a registration fee or “how to sign up” outreach to a larger audience. This assistance will be in the format of setting up a UI Learn page or WuFoo registration page for departments to collect fees for conferences and workshops conducted throughout the year.




Departments are encouraged to contact the CLAS Finance Assistant during the planning stages of their conference or workshop to request assistance. The CLAS Finance Assistant will help the department provide a platform to assist with registration. Departments will provide the following information to the CLAS Finance Assistant along with a due date:

  • Photo (for UI Learn page)
  • Title of Conference/Workshop
  • Dates/Time of Conference/Workshop
  • Number of spots available
  • Fee amount
  • Course description
  • Class structure (if applicable)
  • Instructor information (if applicable)
  • Registration & Fees information (i.e., date/time course opens; first-come, first-served basis)
  • Refund & Cancellation Policy
  • Terms & Community Policy (if applicable)
  • Contact information for Questions?
  • Scholarship/Coupon code field will be provided if requested

The following information will be standard for all conferences:

  • Name, Email, Phone Number, Address
  • Privacy Policy: See the University of Iowa’s privacy policy here. The form will collect information concerning your name, address, and email. The external provider collects credit card information Any and all information collected will be used solely for this event, and for no other purpose. It will never be sold, shared with, or rented to third parties.
  • The credit card payment will be processed by an external provider and will appear on your credit card statement as UI LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES.
  • To comply with Payment Card Industry parameters, no credit card information should be taken by CLAS employees over the phone or in-person.  Credit card information should not be entered into a web browser on a University managed computer, laptop or tablet.

The UI Learn page will be published and provided to the department when completed.

For WuFoo registration forms, the link will be provided to the department when completed to be included in external advertisements and emails.



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Director, Business & Financial Administration

Dean’s Office Senior Director of Administration

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Last updated 8/31/22.


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