Overload Compensation

Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities; Associate Dean for the Natural, Mathematical, and Social Sciences
Amended Date
NOTE: For the academic year 2020-21, all overload/special compensation requests (for both faculty and staff) must be approved by the Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities or Associate Dean for the Natural, Mathematical, and Social Sciences.

Effective Date

Effective until 5/15/2022

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Tenure-track, clinical-track, instructional-track, P&S, and visiting faculty teaching on-campus and online courses.

Policy Purpose and Description

The following is a description of the CLAS policy defining overload compensation as it applies to teaching faculty as defined above.  Before requests for overload compensation are submitted, full deployment of the regular departmental faculty must be considered.

  • A limit of one overload course per semester (i.e. fall, spring) per faculty member.
  • Faculty with course releases, course buyouts, research buyouts, or faculty on phased retirement are not eligible.
  • Compensation will depend upon enrollments at the census dates and special compensation payments will not be approved until after the census dates.
  • To be eligible for full compensation, a course must have a minimum of three semester hours.  Payments will be prorated for one or two semester hour courses.
  • Compensation will be based on the instructor’s lowest enrolled course with adjusted enrollments for courses that enroll graduate students.
  • To receive full compensation, a course must have a minimum of 20 students.
  • Probationary faculty are not allowed to teach overload.

Compensation rates/rules:

  • Use per course (3, 4, or 5 semester hours) rate listed on the salary chart for department.
  • Special Compensation-Prior approval forms need to be processed before the class begins.
  • All current DEO(s) of the faculty member teaching overload must sign the offer letter attached to the workflow form.
  • If a decision is made to proceed with offering a low-enrolled course, overload compensation for that course is pro-rated at 1/20th of the pre-course rate per student.
  • Emergency Incentive pay: Up to $2,000 at the discretion of the Area Associate Dean.
  • Any exceptions to this policy must be discussed with and approved in writing by the Area Associate Dean in CLAS and attached to the workflow form.


Low-enrolled course: Less than 16 students (head count).

Course: Any 3, 4, or 5 semester hour course.




Overload offer letters are available on the shared drive. Contact your HR Representative if you need assistance.

When submitting a Prior Special Compensation workflow form, attach a draft offer letter and a comment that the signed letter will be attached to the payment form.  Once the prior form has been approved, attach the signed offer letter to the payment form.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the room capacity is less than the low-enrollment amount, will the course be pro-rated?


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