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Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities; Associate Dean for the Natural, Mathematical, and Social Sciences

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Policy Purpose and Description

CLAS supports the recruitment of faculty to the College from underrepresented or marginalized populations.  It is the expectation that active strategies are utilized in every search to ensure a diverse pool of applicants (see Path to Distinction Best Practices on Recruitment).  In circumstances in which a potential candidate from an underrepresented or marginalized population is identified outside of an approved search, the Department can request to recruit the individual.  This line, if approved, must address resource needs in the Department and those within the College.  Annually, the College will budget for a set number of Opportunity Hires to enhance the diversity of our College.

Opportunity hires are not automatic hires.  It is essential that they meet the resource needs of both the Department and College.  Departments are allowed to submit no more than two (2) candidates for consideration for opportunity hires per year. 




To be considered for a position, the following steps will occur: 

Request made to the area associate dean containing the following documents:

  • Candidate CV;
  • DEO letter of support to pursue opportunity;
  • Summary of the impact of candidate on departmental research, educational mission, and strategic planning priorities in the department and college;
  • Connection to the Department’s future hiring plan and priorities; 
  • Summary of the candidate’s qualifications, identifying how this candidate would have been of the caliber to have succeeded in a routine national search;
  • Departmental plan for mentoring and supporting this candidate throughout their probationary period;
  • Context for how the hire will enhance diversity in the Department.

The Area Associate Dean will schedule a follow-up meeting with the DEO for clarification and further discussion.

If the Area Associate Dean, in consultation with the senior leadership team, believes the candidate meets the standards for consideration, the materials will be brought to the Executive Committee for discussion and recommendation to the Dean on pursuing the hire. Materials on candidates under consideration must be submitted by September 15th or January 15th. 

The Area Associate Dean will communicate the Dean’s final decision to the Department.



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