Delegation of Signature Authority

CLAS Senior Director of Human Resources; University Human Resources; University Procurement

Key Contacts 

If you have questions, please contact your Department Human Resources Representative. 


Faculty and Staff 

Policy Purpose and Description  

A person may delegate or assign to another authority to use the person’s signature.  The delegation of signature authority must be documented in writing and should be reviewed periodically, or at least annually. 




A request is submitted to the delegating official via the appropriate form below. 


Frequently Asked Questions  

Can a delegation be temporary? 

Yes, authority can be granted during a designated timeframe. 

How do I cancel signature authority? 

Compete a Delegation of Signature Authority to remove a delegating official. 

Can a DEO delegate approval of termination and leave forms for permanent faculty? 

No, DEO’s must sign termination and leave forms for faculty. 

How do I know if something was approved by a delegate? 

All DEO’s have access to view the transaction system and are ultimately responsible for any HR form created in their department. 

Can the person I delegate, subdelegate? 

No, they may not further subdelegate this authority. 

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